HUN-REN Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences
Konkoly Thege Miklós Astronomical Institute
  • KOTTA (KOnkoly Tudományos TAnács, Konkoly Science Council): The Institute's annually renewed Scientific Council, which facilitates support for the Director's decisions and a two-way flow of information. It is composed of the heads of the major calls and the heads of the research teams who have automatic membership, otherwise representatives of all career stations can apply at the beginning of the year with a cover letter.
  • PUC (Piszkéstető Users' Committee): Its task is to discuss issues related to the operation of Piszkéstető Mountain Station, to raise potential problems, and to make suggestions. Its members: the head of the Piszkéstető site, the technical manager of the institute, the specialists responsible for telescope control and IT, the service astronomers.
  • Ethics Committee: The unit that deals with cases of discrimination, harassment and bullying. Its members are the Ethics Obudsman, an HR representative and a researcher.
  • GEP (Gender Equality Plan) Task Force: the committee that defines the CSFK Gender Equality Plan and oversees its implementation. Its members are Institute researchers, an HR staff member, and representatives of the other scientific institutes of the CSFK.


The Institute also has other ad hoc committees, such as the seminar organizing committee, the committee for the renewal of the Institute's website, the ad hoc admissions committees for job applications, etc.