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Brasser, Ramon

Brasser, Ramon

Research fellow / Tudományos munkatárs

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My research revolves around the formation and evolution of the planets in the solar system and beyond, the aftermath of their formation, and their ability to host a biosphere. I tackle these problems with an interdisciplinary approach that involves dynamical modelling, cosmochemistry, geochemistry and geochronology. Specific questions of interest are: by what mechanism did most (rocky) planets form, and on what time scale? Is the architecture of the solar system unique? Why does the solar system not have a planet inside of Mercury? What was the role of impact bombardment after the planets formed? What did this bombardment do to their crusts, and what are the implications for these planets to host life? What role does the central star play in planet formation and habitability? For answers I turn to dynamical models of terrestrial planet formation and subsequent evolution using the latest GPU and CPU hardware on supercomputers in the EU, as well as in-house facilities. In the future I plan to engage experimental work rather than just theoretical modelling.